Greetings 2014

It’s been a long while since I have written something “blog worthy” and I’m tempted to feel slightly bad. In all honestly however, I have long past the point of beating myself up over imaginary standards. Let’s get real; I am in no way a famous blogger with loyal followers who care about my regular […]

A Non-Parent, A 10-Year-Old And An Awkward Question.

Over the last while, I have been feeling busy, with my thoughts seemingly in a million different places. This generally leads me to be involved in more brainless activity than usual. To put it simply, while I’d usually opt for a book, over the last couple of weeks, I found myself watching more YouTube videos […]

10 Ways To Stay Stuck

Lately, let’s be honest, I have not been doing good at this whole “living intentionally” or “being a consistent blogger” thing. Upon my guilty feelings and frustrated contemplation, I managed to come up with a couple of reasons for my personal lack in achieving, as I perceived them. I thought I’d list them. 1) Real […]