Happy to be Alive

A pink array of candy floss across a powder blue sky A breath of fresh air, smile across my face I don’t even wonder why Dancing on the inside the rhythm of the day Freedom within the Spirit the melody carries me away The drum beat of life the chorus of our hearts the sweet […]


This poem I wrote in 2011 as a reflection of the conflict situation in our household at the time; which weighed me down in the emo kind of way and drove me a little insane, to be honest. I have since delightfully known a different truth to family, but I thought I’d share none the […]

Your mind and Me

I’m not a captive of your mind No foreign boundary will hold me down Think of me what you may I will silently wear my crown A crown of character Born over time Not an innocent baby Broken & built by Love divine Grab a hold of your protruding thoughts Don’t let them run away […]

Friday Favourite: Spoken Word (and “Ready of Not” by Rhetoric poets Janette…iks and Ezekiel)

For this week’s Friday Favourite, I chose something I ABSOLUTELY love – Spoken word (Poetry). I mean, I love written poetry, but more so I have in recent years discovered the love for the spoken word kind. I think even for those who do not quite delight in lets say “traditional” poetry, spoken word still […]

Girl with the Unforgotten Face

Despite not physically seeing your face Etched in my heart you are. Your story engraved within, no common place A face in a million by far. A face in a million Yet not a statistic In courage you raised your voice. Opportunity came You shied not away You spoke, and gave each of us a […]

Broken hearts are crumbling – The cry of the helper

Broken hearts are crumbling Young angels falling fast These precious gifts don’t realise They’re more than what has passed. They’re hurting and crying The pain filled eyes are haunting Searching for a saviour Because the world to them is daunting Shattered tender hearts So many times let down An aching from the depth of them […]