Random Sign-Ups and Seven Everyday Acts of Bravery

I have this weird thing where I sometimes sign up for random blogs or newsletters. The two sides to this is that sometimes the content I get sent feels like spam, but then sometimes… no, many times, my random sign up feels worthwhile.

A recent example of this would be an email I got sent this morning.

The article titled “Why You Must Be Brave” listed 7 everyday acts the author, Todd Henry, found to be key in living a brave life.

This is literally me copy/pasting his list and take no credit for it. I do suggest that you check out some of his awesome vibes at www.accidentalcreative.com. He’s all about creativity, inspiration, and living life awesomely. Actually, just check it and make up your own mind.

With that out-of-the-way, here are the seven points I enjoyed being reminded of this morning:

Seven Everyday Acts of Bravery by Todd Henry

  • Define Your Battles. You will ultimately be remembered for, and your body of work will be built upon, the battles you choose to spend your time fighting.
  • Be Fiercely Curious. You must ask questions, even when you are afraid of the implications of the answers. Stay with the problem and refuse to settle for surface knowledge.
  • Step Away From Comfort. You cannot pursue comfort and great work simultaneously. At some point you will have to bravely choose to do the right thing, even when it’s the uncomfortable thing.
  • Know Yourself. No one wins when you are operating from a place of self-deception. You must strive to know yourself and your aptitudes and bring them to your work each day.
  • Be Confidently Adaptable. Leave the ego at the door and refuse to put yourself ahead of the work. Instead, express confidence while being willing to listen to disconfirming information. Also, refuse to play the victim.
  • Find Your Voice. Take small, strategic risks every day to try to add unique value. Don’t settle for imitating what others are doing.
  • Stay Connected. Don’t become isolated and closed off from others. Be willing to open your life, and to speak your mind boldly within the context of relationships. Also, listen to feedback from others.

Each of these seven acts require bravery, because they demand that you be a bit vulnerable and step into uncertainty. However, if you hover within your comfort zone, you will never know what you are capable of.” – Todd Henry

I thought I’d ask Google for an appropriate picture for Todd’s post:

ImageThanks Google.


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