My personal cure for writer’s block: Ramble.

These days I have felt somewhat unable to write. Whether it due to fear or being “busy”, feeling “uninspired” or just sheer laziness, I simply haven’t been able to get any words out.

With all the things I have mulling through my mind, one would think I’d have a vast array of topics I could choose to write on, which could be true, except I still somehow am unable to put anything down to make sense.

This, I then suppose, is me attempting to approach my so-called “bloggers block” head on.

Even now I struggle.

I struggle to formulate my own thoughts in a logical way and I struggle to find the motivation to translate my thoughts into readable language. This is a rambling zone. It feels a bit like I’m casting a fishing rod into an open ocean hoping one of my thoughts would bite.

I want to write.

However, more than having the desire to write is the silent pressure I feel having a blog and feeling the NEED to write.

I enjoy the accountability of a blog, but I also on some days despise the accountability of a blog.

I love that I have a platform to share and yet struggle when pondering on how relevant or influential my writing and sharing could (or could not) be.

I love writing. I also love sharing.

Yet I find myself asking, “Should all writing be shared?”

This in fact is similar to a recent discussion I have had with a good friend – The topic of boundaries and discernment.

In a society with social media playing such a huge role in the sharing of every king of information, it begs the question of “where does one draw the line?”

How do we decide the boundaries of what is sacred and what is meant for sharing with others?

Perhaps the better question is why we feel the need to share with others.
Perhaps motive, is key.

Are we all just looking for attention in a love deprived world? Or are we making genuine contributions?

I sincerely believe each of us have a unique and powerful voice. Our stories are filled with potential. Sharing creates an even greater opportunity because in sharing, there is the possibility for connecting and building unity. Unity is key to building anything great. I honestly believe writing and even social media, are very powerful tools.

So I then am forced to ask,

How are we using our voice?
How are we using the potential we each have?

And more personally,

How am I Toni, utilizing the tools and platform I have been given? What genuinely is my motive for writing?

Perhaps writer’s block/bloggers block is just a myth.

Perhaps sometimes, it’s just an excuse to avoid valuable thoughts and questions from becoming tangible. Because once thoughts and questions which lead to seeking truth become undeniable, change needs to happen.

And while change largely is uncomfortable, change is also necessary.

This is how we grow.

I grow by rambling.


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