Friday Favourite: Guest Poem by Kelly Steyn

A really good friend of mine has shared some of her recent poetry with me. For this week’s favourite, I chose to share one of them, with her permission of course.

Kelly has been my friend since our grade 10 higher grade Math class. That is only significant because 2013 now owes us a “10 years and we’re still friends, whoop!” award.


She is one of my most awkward, lovely and super awesome friends. She’s the kind that grows of you and you just want to keep her in your pocket so that you can whip her out every time you want to see her.
(haha, got mad love for you Kelzbellz).

She often writes with simplicity, and truth, which is what I love.

Here’s her poem I decided to share:


Let me choose to be selfless

Remove the selfish part of me

Come and fill this space with love

so that there’s nothing in-between us

You paid the price for me,

Now let me pay the price for You.

— Kelly Steyn

My Kelly friend also really loves pictures and she has a cool Tumblr. blog for you to check out.

Happy Friday! 🙂


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