Some thoughts on Writing

In my previous post I shared a little about a camp session I was asked to do this past weekend. I intended on adding this as part of the post but thought it might make the post a bit long.

Needless to say, here are some of my random thoughts (simplified) on writing, especially as part of our worship experience.

  1. Everyone has a story to tell. God has given everyone a message.
  2. God sometimes speaks at awkward times. We should try as often as possible to listen, even when its awkward.
  3. Sometimes writing, especially as an expression of worship, will come from our dark, painful or uncomfortable places. Be willing to go there with God.
  4. Writing needs effort – Discipline.
  5. Writing can bring us to our Creator, it allows us to seek Him in a different way, it allows for reflection and connection.
  6. Often writing enables us to clarify our story, our message and it often lead us to share. Sharing our writing helps us to build in our own lives, and in the lives of others.
  7. Writing as an expression of worship is an opportunity. An opportunity to remove the box of fear, doubt and uncertainty. It’s an opportunity to grow, to learn and express that which we might not have known was there.

Mostly, it’s an opportunity to glorify God.

I am so happy and privileged to have had the opportunity to share with a diverse group of people eager to dialogue through some points on the writing process. I sure do have a lot to learn, but how cool that God gave me the opportunity to share anyways! How cool that people responded and positively so!

I serve an awesome God.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Writing

  1. Communication is the most important tool we have, scripture backs this up because God spoke to Adam because He wanted to communicate with him. We just need to remember to keep our eyes on him and not each other. That’s when communicating gets difficult. Great post. Will be back to explore more later.

    • Thank you so much for taking time to read and respond. I believe relationship is fundamental in faith and therefore agree with you on communication.
      And indeed, we have to keep the main thing, the main thing… I am learning 🙂
      I will be sure to have a look around your blog some more too!

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