10 Ways To Stay Stuck

Lately, let’s be honest, I have not been doing good at this whole “living intentionally” or “being a consistent blogger” thing. Upon my guilty feelings and frustrated contemplation, I managed to come up with a couple of reasons for my personal lack in achieving, as I perceived them. I thought I’d list them.

1) Real busyness – Work and “projects” suddenly picked up.
2) Procrastination type of busyness – I use very rational and completely believable excuses.
3) Laziness is real.
4) Fear is real.
5) Ridiculous perfectionism is real.
6) Hormones are real.
7) Lack of discipline.
8) Reality vs Expectations – I am clearly a dreamer.
9) Unclear vision.
10) Unclearly defined goals

At this point, I would like to create a list on how to improve on the above mentioned. A list which points out solutions, naming things like “strategic planning”, “time management”, “clarify goals”, “just do it”, etc. All the things I feel like I’m supposed to say to be better. However, this is not a post about being better. This post is a simple list based on observation. So that’s my list for today, the ten hurdles that challenge me in periods of “stuckness”.


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