Friday Favourite: Questions

Since my earlier post was sharing about some recent questions filling my mind, I thought to share some other interesting thought-provoking, and some humourous questions I stumbled across this week. My favourites thought-provoking: # 1 How old would you be… if you didn’t now how old you are? #7 Have you done anything lately worth […]

Some Difficult Questions

Over the last while, I have asked myself some very difficult questions. While personal challenging questions isn’t exactly mind-blowing, my conviction throughout the process has been pressing. The hardest question yet was “Am I living an intentional life”? This question is particularly hard because well, that’s the title or “theme” of my blog. My, so […]

The Alleyway and I

The alley way seems dark Secluded little place And some might even say Here danger lurks with its evil face Yet somehow I’m not scared Though the light is dim Knowing morning comes after night Keeps doubt to a minimum So here I am Alone I stand A shadow in a distant land At a […]