Friday Favourite: Hannah!

hannah1 HANNAH!

Few simple reasons for choosing this kiddo:

1) She is my youngest cousin (the cousins on my dad side total a whopping 30! no jokes).
2) She is 3 years old and super hilarious.
3) She teaches me all the time.
4) She is just that cool.
5) She reminds me of intentional living. so much joy 🙂

My favourite recent Hannah quote:

Hannah(3): Toni are you tired?
Me: uhm, ya?
Hannah: come, you can sleep in my arms.

My top 10 Hannah lessons:

  • Be excited to see people you love.
  • Be interested.
  • Find silly things amusing. Laugh loud.
  • Ask Questions. Try to understand.
  • Be ready to clean when you make a mess.
  • Keep trying, and ask for help.
  • Tell stories, both real and imagined.
  • Play.
  • Be happy and excited about growth.
  • Have random dance sessions, even when there’s no music, just because.


My favourite Hannah pics:

When she was a lil cupcake…


When she has the cutest swag (I’m ashamed for using the word swag. it’s a lil gross, but whatevz)


When she’s a princess…


When she has a mustache…


When she’s a panda…


When she’s jammin’


When she’s showing some love…




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