Coming soon: Everyday People (the post’s about ordinary people telling their stories)

First up: Bob, the Security Guard

You know how in my about page I said I would create a space to tell the story of others, because a blog all about myself would just be a little awkward? Well, this is it! I finally made the plunge beyond my amateur awkward self.

Bob (that’s his name) is the head of security at our office centre and originally comes from the Republic of Congo. Two weeks ago I asked if he would be willing to share his story with me and to my surprise (and delight, I had my first story yo, ha!), he said yes.

I chose to approach Bob simply because, well, he stood out.

Bob is different to all the other security guards, simply by the way he interacts with each person passing by. Bob is like the shining star around the building, that just ordinarily brightens people’s day with his french greeting, and humongous smile.

While I knew nothing at all about asking people to tell their stories, nevermind recording them, I decided to just jump in at the deep end and try to see if I could swim. That deep side was today.

Today I decided to take my lunch slot an hour later than usual to accommodate Bob’s schedule. I bought a couple toasted sandwiches, some juice and we had a chat in cafe with bright green walls. As bizarre as the whole situation somehow seemed, Bob was happy to share, and I was happy to listen.

Needless to say, I am so excited to tell Bob’s story.

Each I believe has a voice, a story, and coming soon, will be the voice of Bob, the story of an ordinary guy who through it all manages to multiply smiles everyday.


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