Friday Favourite: Spoken Word (and “Ready of Not” by Rhetoric poets Janette…iks and Ezekiel)

For this week’s Friday Favourite, I chose something I ABSOLUTELY love – Spoken word (Poetry). I mean, I love written poetry, but more so I have in recent years discovered the love for the spoken word kind. I think even for those who do not quite delight in lets say “traditional” poetry, spoken word still is amazing.

For those who don’t know (like me not so long ago honestly), here’s what Wikipedia says –

Spoken word is a performance art that is word-based. Spoken word usually tends to focus on the words themselves, the dynamics of tone, gestures, facial expressions… spoken-word performances generally consist of storytelling or poetry”


Without any fancy explanations, I’d like to say that to me written poetry is deep and moving, however on another level I appreciate the different dynamic spoken word brings. The art of delivering a poem in the form of spoken word, highlights the essence and impact of the poetic words, with rhythm and expression that is often truly remarkable and profound.

My personal favourite poet geniuses often feature at Rhetoric (Poetry event hosted by ‘P4CM’ – Passion for Christ Movement. Not that I go. But check it and they include: Janette…iks (pronounced: genetics), Ezekiel, Jackie E Hill and of course the well-known, Jefferson Bethke.

One of my favourite poems (which is what I am ACTUALLY sharing as my Friday Favourite) “Ready or Not” beautifully interprets the struggle and truth in Christianity – Jesus Christ, in relation to the Bride of Christ, the church.

Do take a look and enjoy!


One thought on “Friday Favourite: Spoken Word (and “Ready of Not” by Rhetoric poets Janette…iks and Ezekiel)

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