The Office: Coffee and Insanity

So as it turns out, I am that person in the office, who is in charge of groceries and supplies for our tiny little office. On one particular random day however, it just so happened, that for some or other random reason, we ran out of coffee sooner than we usually do! Yikes!

Knowing that I would have to order groceries in the next day or two (end of month) anyways, I didn’t panic. I simply drew up the order and emailed for delivery soonest.
Potential problem sorted. Yes?

No, not really.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, our lovely supplier only delivers around lunch time. While at first glance this seems ok, somehow I hadn’t realized that I was naively and painfully mistaken.
People apparently don’t cope well without tea and coffee.

People were NOT impressed to say the least. Not impressed, AT ALL. I swear, if this were in cartoon, people would have had steam coming from their ears, speech bubbles with punctuation-mark-words above their heads, and some probably would have had a piano or something ridiculous fall on their heads, just to exaggerate how bad their day was now going. This is all before 9am on a Friday morning.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

People were literally self professing that they would be grumpy and that this would be a bad day. Seriously? I mean, really… are we that dependent on this thing called coffee that we base our entire outcome of our day on it?

I consider myself the avid coffee drinker and certainly do appreciate my daily cup. Cups, to be honest. However, I’m not sure if I could blame being a grumpy sod on not drinking coffee. No offense to the grumpy sods out there who get cranky without their morning caffeine fix.

To me, it’s called self control really. A choice. A choice to say, “This sucks, but life goes on…” Seriously. People are starving in Africa. Yes. I just said that.

I mean, I get that it’s possible that some people might feel the “I NEED TO HAVE coffee” feeling. But. Here’s the thing. If a drug addict’s sanity and day’s outcome depended on whichever narcotic substance… We send them to rehab, no? But because coffee is sociably acceptable, addiction is not a problem? Hold up…am I being too harsh? Maybe. But. When the outcome of the day depends on any substance to the point of your whole day being affected… I think my friend, we have a problem.

And since it is I who has to organize this kind of thing (coffee), other people’s problem now becomes my problem… and then MY day feels like it might completely suck. I then begin asking myself: Is it worth getting so attached to something? Especially something as inconsequential as coffee? Is coffee a problem? Is it fair that other people’s problems become mine?

And then I just stop.

Because I realize the moral of the story:
Just make bloody sure the office never runs out of coffee!


Photo credit: <a href=”“>beforethecoffee</a> via <a href=”“>Compfight</a> <a href=”“>cc</a>


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