Worthwhile Labour

Some things need to be laboured through. In fact, I seem to understand that those things which we labour through, or in other words, press towards with all our being come what may, blood sweat and tears, those are often the most worth while.

I read an interesting scripture which says:

“Though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered”. (Hebrews 5:8)

He suffered!
Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world, suffered! He suffered AND learned through it!!

I laugh.
I laugh because it’s ridiculous how easy it seems to simply embrace one of the common misconceptions in society. I am talking about the general understanding of life itself, and the idea that “when things go my way, I feel happy, and this is right”.
Don’t get me wrong, in our human nature, it is natural to want what feels right and to complain when things seem contrary – I know this from firsthand experience. We want things to be easy. We want to feel exhilarated and surrounded by pleasure all the time. This is normal. It is normal to not want to feel discomfort or any form of suffering. Yet as normal as it may seem, somehow in our paradoxical world, in order to know true joy, we need to know true suffering.

Here’s a simple example:
Being hungry.
Everyone experiences hunger… but only those who have known starvation on some level would truly understand the depth of gratitude towards a simple meal.

In a similar way, I’d like to suggest that, in order to experience and understand true joy and rest, there are things in life that we need to press through, work on, and invest in, with great effort and often discomfort. We learn.

I think then that perhaps, one of the greatest challenges could be for us to “get over” ourselves?

The world doesn’t owe us. We owe the world, and ourselves, to give of ourselves.

How different would the world be were there less selfish or lazy people, or rather more kindly, how different would the world be if we were less afraid to do the hard stuff, persevere and learn the difficult lessons? How different would our lives be if we pushed beyond the norm?

I’m not saying completely disregard yourself or the desire to be happy.

I believe in the worth of every human soul, and in the experience of ridiculous joy.

But for this very reason, if we sought more to consider others instead of let’s say, our own comfort, if each person focused less on personal gratification, and more on the value of life itself… how different would our world not be?

I’m not saying change the world… but I am suggesting that we need change.

Change in our perceptions, where we are not afraid to embrace the hard parts of life. Having our minds transformed in the way we think and understand, to where we stop solely focusing on the satisfaction of our own lives. I believe our world could be different if we were to make up our minds to not be afraid to get our hands dirty, labouring through difficult things, with the underlying understanding of intentional habitual learning. Learning for ourselves. Learning for others.

A wise life is a richer one.

I just read such a cool quote:

“There’s no maturity without growth, there’s no growth without growing pains.” – Anon.

I double dare myself today. I double hot dog dare anyone else today.

Dare to learn. Dare to change and be different. Dare to get up and build.

Building and being different is hard… laboursome even… but none the less,
Get up and build a worthwhile legacy.

Therein lays a worthwhile joy.


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