Contaminated and Complacent…?

Kitchen vs World

So, like any work place, our office has a kitchen. Obviously. So why mention it? Well, here’s the thing. We sometimes have this little annoying problem among our employees called ‘disgusting kitchen habits’. That’s putting it mildly. See, for some reason, some people, don’t feel the need to clean up after themselves. The result is inevitably, a filthy disgusting kitchen. This is a problem because we have one tiny kitchen for approximately 15 to 20 people.

At one point, the yuck levels got to such disgusting point that one colleague sent a stink email to everyone about it. haha. The funnier part though is that this actually kept the kitchen clean… for like a month. Not long after unfortunately, some people’s habits were back to the usual. So much so that when some of those, who generally are tidy, come into the kitchen and see the mess, they end up doing the same thing as the “messy people”. Its kind of like: “Wow, this is gross.. I guess there’s no point in me trying to be clean hey…”

Now, in the stink email sent by my lovely colleague, she mentioned something in her mail which went a little like this: “I dont know how any of us have managed to NOT contract food poisoning with this mess… ”
So? Why am I talking about this?
Well… It got me thinking.

That’s how we are.
Us as people. In the world. Sometimes. Many times.

We see mess. We see a big bad world and eventually get tired of “trying” to be clean in a seemingly unchanging society. We become somewhat complacent and even sometimes contaminated with the wretched stink of the world… and live in mess, rather than trying to make the effort to clean up. Now, you can decide for yourself which image of “world mess” you would like to invision at this point. Either way… the world is in a messy state… a “disgusting” fragment of its previous glory.

I don’t always clean up. However, for today, I would like to stop putting signs on the kitchen wall, telling people to clean up after themselves. I would like to stop sending stink emails about the condition of the kitchen… instead I would like to start with me. Today I will clean up, what I can, in my world.

I may not reach the whole world, but I can sure make a start in my own. One day at a time. One mess at a time.

Let us begin to stop being disgusting?


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