Broken hearts are crumbling – The cry of the helper

Broken hearts are crumbling
Young angels falling fast
These precious gifts don’t realise
They’re more than what has passed.

They’re hurting and crying
The pain filled eyes are haunting
Searching for a saviour
Because the world to them is daunting

Shattered tender hearts
So many times let down
An aching from the depth of them
Confusion brings a frown

Yet hoping and dreaming
They keep fighting to win the race
Determination for survival
Outweighs the fears they face

In a world so big and scary
Injustices are real
Adolescent minds are seeking
Answers to how they feel

My helplessness frustrating
Arms too short to heal
The surety of limitations
Threaten compassionate zeal

Unrealistic desire to free and save
Impossible to deny
But: “I believe you’re worth it, don’t give up”
Is surely the helper’s cry

*A poem written in 2009, during a period of my counselling prac at two high schools. South African (and I’m sure others) teens go through some unbelievable situations… and overcome.


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