Like a kite..?


You know there is a problem when nearly everyday you feel “so over this day” (Especially for those in mundane office administrative kind of jobs – just saying). Clearly something needs to click in your brain to say, “But hang on, this doesn’t seem right, there must be more..?”  

I seem to think that this may be many people’s dilemma.

But not mine.

My dilemma is in fact, in that moment after the “click” happens.  The “now what?” moment. It’s like, “ok, this doesn’t seem right, and there must be more, but now what?” In fact, I think the further, perhaps more daunting, questions are “what’s there to do about it?” and “Would I? …if I knew exactly…?”  Mmm (that’s me thinking).  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to be alive and have a job, but sheesh-kababs, the same administrative thing month after month… is that really suppose to be fulfilling?! The answer seems obvious. To me anyway.

Ok. Wait. Rewind. No disrespect to office workers who love their jobs, filled with paper work, phones and every delightful administrative detail in between. Right, with that said, I shall continue.

Life. Fulfillment. Destiny.

Me, I tend to believe in a good old mix of predestination plus a dash of choice. I also tend to believe in hope. Put that all together and you get a girl, with a job, due to choices, hoping for a better, predestined, more influential life. (I tend to think this all makes much more sense in my head. O well.)

In some ways, I think maybe this whole thing is like attempting to fly a kite on a windless day (I thought I’d throw in a metaphor for emphasis, ha!). Knowing that the kite is kite, knowing what the kite is meant to do(fly) and the kite being willing and able to fly, as it was destined to do, doesn’t deter from the fact that there needs to be wind.

Maybe at this point, you’re wondering “what the hell is she on about”…and the answer: everything and nothing. All I am saying is that today… Just for today, I will be simply thinking about the wind…

I will be thinking about that which carries me and drives me… to fly… and do exactly that which I was created and destined to do…

Because other than that: “I’m so over this day” (That’s work for you.)


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