Girl with the Unforgotten Face

Despite not physically seeing your face Etched in my heart you are. Your story engraved within, no common place A face in a million by far. A face in a million Yet not a statistic In courage you raised your voice. Opportunity came You shied not away You spoke, and gave each of us a […]

Worthwhile Labour

Some things need to be laboured through. In fact, I seem to understand that those things which we labour through, or in other words, press towards with all our being come what may, blood sweat and tears, those are often the most worth while. I read an interesting scripture which says: “Though He was a […]

Friday Favourite: A Blog Post

For this week’s favourite, I chose a blog post I really enjoyed reading called, “Aslan Jesus: Part life backing up profession of faith”. I loved the post for a couple of reasons:  I absolutely love anything Narnia related  It was simple to read and understand  It challenged me to authentically up my “game” of faith […]

Contaminated and Complacent…?

Kitchen vs World So, like any work place, our office has a kitchen. Obviously. So why mention it? Well, here’s the thing. We sometimes have this little annoying problem among our employees called ‘disgusting kitchen habits’. That’s putting it mildly. See, for some reason, some people, don’t feel the need to clean up after themselves. […]

Broken hearts are crumbling – The cry of the helper

Broken hearts are crumbling Young angels falling fast These precious gifts don’t realise They’re more than what has passed. They’re hurting and crying The pain filled eyes are haunting Searching for a saviour Because the world to them is daunting Shattered tender hearts So many times let down An aching from the depth of them […]